Hello. I'm Bryan.

I'm a freelance UX and web design consultant. 

I specialize in crafting user experiences. While developers contribute power and functionality, it's the designer's role to bring about a seamless flow. As it's widely acknowledged, a well-crafted UI stems from a solid foundation of good UX. 

Professional Introduction
With almost three decades of experience as a "UX" designer, regardless of the formal title, my primary focus has consistently been on enhancing the user experience within the projects I undertake. I prioritize user satisfaction over aesthetics or smooth animations, recognizing their value only when they contribute to a positive user interaction.

Being proficient in coding, particularly in the HTML/CSS realm with a solid understanding of Javascript, I find myself at ease creating quick prototypes or refining CSS for developers. My personal design preference leans towards visual design, encompassing research, user journeys, and more.

Personal Introduction
At 53 years old, I am a proud father of three grown sons and a devoted husband to an incredible, patient, and supportive wife. A Florida native, I find solace and inspiration in the stunning beaches here, yet my heart truly belongs to the mountains of Georgia and Tennessee. Being in that environment propels my heart and mind in the right direction.

A few case studies and design examples

For those recruiters or corporate directors who stay abreast of current trends, it's evident that "UX" extends beyond merely crafting visually appealing screen designs (often referred to as "pixel pushing"). Enclosed are several case studies illustrating user experience, accompanied by some conventional visual designs from my extensive professional background, which may not emphasize the UX aspect.

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Design Thinking

My initial exposure to "Design Thinking" came through the Invision documentary "The Loop," which showcased IBM's transformation from a conventional corporate aesthetic to a more inventive and engaging approach to product design."

In their own words:
"It enables us to build on our successes and learn from our failures along the way. When taken to heart, the Loop keeps us moving forward despite the uncertainty the future may hold."

The essence of the loop process was a continual dedication to delivering solutions for the problems and challenges users encounter with a product. While not an entirely novel idea, mirroring the principles of agile methodology, the presentation of this approach in "The Loop" resonated with me. It aligned with the natural workings of my mind in everyday situations, seamlessly integrating with my design thought process.

By embracing this methodology, the projects and products I work on are poised to become more robust, intuitive, and adept at addressing the obstacles faced by users. Essentially, it encapsulates the role of a "User Experience Designer" perfectly.

A great synopsis is located on their official page

Need a freelance web designer or UX design consultant for your next project?

I am presently residing in the Jacksonville, Florida area and am not considering relocation. However, if the project or position is remote, I would be delighted to engage in a discussion about it. Currently, I am open to taking on small side projects. Kindly share as many details as possible using my contact form.

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