Recommendations from Collaborators

What others say.

In my project or company engagements, collaboration is a fundamental aspect, and I consistently operate as part of a team. Unless it's a passion or personal project, I don't work in isolation.

In this context, I make a conscious effort to maintain positive relationships with past, present, and future co-workers and collaborators. I express gratitude for every individual who has been part of my team(s) and contributed their efforts to our shared tasks.

Shea Helmle, Optum Insight

"Having Bryan as the lead designer on one of my most important projects was key in moving the project from a high level vision to a tangible product. This enabled a diverse group of analysts, users and developers to react to a common physical screen that reduced churn and kick-started the more detailed user stories and ultimately the development work. Bryan has a gift for synthesizing vision into a tangible product and does it in such a collaborative manner that all parties are proud of the end product. Bryan is easily the most sought after UX professional at Florida Blue and anyone would be lucky to have him in their organization and on their projects driving vision. "

Amy Bamburg, Florida Blue

"Bryan has been one of the top UX Designers I have worked with. He has the visionary thought process needed to design and develop a relevant and meaningful product that the users love. He was able to come in to a new industry and quickly get up to speed on the business needs and provide design solution options that fit the products almost immediately. His designs are clean and usable; providing the seamless user interface presentation that is needed across the enterprise. Bryan is my go to person when I need designs or mock ups for our business case and strategy presentations."

Phil Monaco, RF-Smart/ICS

"Bryan has provided us with many great UX designs that have been implemented in many areas of our business. From customer facing products to internal projects he is dedicated to understanding and iterating with the product owners on the user interface needs while providing valued input on modern UX designs and implementation. He is a great addition to any team and interacts great with all members of the team, from developers to product owners. It has been a pleasure working with him and I truly value the skills he brings to the table. I would recommend him for any project looking for a creative and talented designer."