My Designing Thinking and Process

The "UX" is priority over the design. 

My Loopy Design Thought

My first introduction to "Design Thinking", was with the Invision documentary "The Loop", which focused on IBM's journey from the stale (though established), corporate look and feel to an innovative and captivating way of approaching product design.

This approach to design was termed "The Loop" and had a basic flow:  Observe, Reflect, Make. A great synopsis is located on their official page

The goal of this loop process was to constantly be providing solutions to problems and issues a user is experiencing with a product. In their own words:

In their own words:
"It enables us to build on our successes and learn from our failures along the way. When taken to heart, the Loop keeps us moving forward despite the uncertainty the future may hold."


No, it's not a unique idea, since it's basically how the agile methodology works, but it was packaged in a way that this designer needed to consume it. This concept resonated with me. It's how my mind works in everyday situations, which was a wonderful fit as my design thought process.

If this process is embraced, the ultimate project and product I am working on, will be stronger, more intuitive, and address the hurdles my users are experiencing. In other words, it defines a "User Experience Designer", perfectly.